Not For Ourselves Alone

History of Manhattan High School Football

SILVER TROPHY:  Manhattan High School and Junction City High School have had a long-standing rivalry in our football programs.  In 1949, the two schools established a Silver Trophy which has been awarded to the winning team in our annual game.  The final scores of every game have been inscribed on the trophy for over 60 years.

THE BONES:  The Bones are practice jerseys with a skull and crossbones, and are a MHS football tradition started by Coach Emerson.  To earn their Bones, a player must show excellent play in Friday night games and in weekly practice.  Bones are an honor, but can be taken away after a poor performance.  If a player knows they had a poor game, they may opt to hand them over on their own.  Coaches will vote on the weekly awarding of the Bones on Saturday mornings after a Friday night game.  Look for the Bones at practice each week!

VALUES:  Manhattan football is founded on five core values that we seek to instill in our players: Integrity, Accountability, Discipline, Leadership, and Unity.  We train our players to be honest and work hard, take responsibility for their actions, to be dedicated in training, and to work as part of an integrated team.  The skills that our young players acquire in the MHS football program will serve them well both on and off the football field.

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